Mónica Esgueva - Visionary Artist

Artist Statement

Meditation —practiced for more than twenty years— allows me to achieve rich inspirational experiences and inner visions that I try to depict in my paintings. In my case, it is this listening to my own inner voice with such focused attention that contributes to expressing my personal glimpses of the divine Imagination, embodying my own vision and simultaneously aiming at revealing a facet of the collective mind.

My art is mostly derived from those visions I have while in a meditative or contemplative state of mind. My purpose is to transcend the physical world, inspiring the viewer to reach a higher ground and perceive the light that is within us all. As William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

I paint to express this beyond words, even beyond the visual senses. I paint vibrations that aspire to transcend the physical world. I create to expand the light, aligned to Robert Schumann’s perspective that “the artist’s vocation is to send light into the human heart”.

Mónica Esgueva

Visionary Artist

Having lived in London, Paris, Tanzania, and India, she is a Visionary artist now based in Madrid, Spain.

Her art career started as a child, so to speak. Her talent was innate, although later on she took courses at Paris École des Beaux Arts and studied with renowned painters in France. She started exhibiting her paintings when she was very young, and her artwork has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Holland, Great Britain, France, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy and Spain.

A number of institutions own her artwork as well, such as: Rochester Museum of Fine Arts (NH, USA), Monaco Museum of Modern Art, LatinAmerican Art Museum (Florida, USA), Art Connection in the Capital Region (MD, USA), Hewlett-Packard Foundation France, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Zarzuela del Monte (Spain), and Museo Casa Orduña (Spain).

The artists’ role is to be a leader and a visionary: Not only think outside the box, but to be outside the box, contributing to the change we want to see in the world.

Since we are all interconnected, the morphic field of each individual has the potential to influence the collective through creative acts. Mystical visions and experiences motivate us to question our assumptions about life and the world, challenging us to live more profoundly. The deeper an artist penetrates into their own infinitude, the more able they are to transmit that state. Making art (and sharing it) is a way for me to integrate those visions of a better world into daily life.

Art is a medium for communication. Through my art, I wish to convey a message of hope and awe for life. I wish to provide a transformed view for liberation from the Matrix; for revealing everything that exists as inherently sacred; for touching people’s hearts through simplicity and beauty; and for bringing more of a sense of harmony and depth into our lives.

It is my utmost aim that by contemplating my works, one may momentarily have a glimpse of our immortal light, remembering the silent center of the mystery that is our very soul.

"Life is the canvas we are given and the soul the palette of color which can give birth to great art."

The term ‘Visionary Art’ was coined more than 95+ years ago and defined in 1933 by Carl Gustav Jung in his seminal work: Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

Visionary art is art that transcends but includes the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness, including expanded modes of knowing the multi-dimensions of being. It is neither a painting of a thing or simply the absolute abstraction to a point where ideas no longer apply. Instead, the best works of this type are a marriage of both inner and outer, the real and the abstract, the surreal, the mystical, and the dreamlike.

The artist shares a vision and a perspective of the world, their place in the world, and their understanding of where we, as humans, are or aspire to be in that equation.

It is important to see and understand that the paintings these artists produce vary greatly from one artist to another, offering a great constellation and spectrum of vision.

“Our inner world is the only true source of meaning and purpose we have. Art is the way to discover for ourselves and others, by opening this door to the inner life”

- P. Rubinov Jacobson

The integral visionary artist seeks to explore the furthest boundaries of human experience, entering domains that provide new and positive perspectives that help embracing an expanded vision that will draw us toward unity. Such artists explore dimensions of human creativity which are being forgotten and can enlarge our understanding and belief in our own inherent amazing potentials, inspiring peace and a new sense of spiritual direction in life.

"Nebula" - Acrylic on canvas