Mónica’s artwork has a common principle: Helping you find inspiration as you continue on life's journey.

Her visionary art is there to encourage you when you feel disheartened, guide you in times of difficulty, bring you joy to daily life or contribute to celebrate the good times.

Mónica Esgueva

Visionary Artist

Through my paintings, I want the viewer to feel the beauty that surrounds us, trying to portray a vision of expanded awareness and the underlying sacredness of all that is. Art should be beautiful for the truths it reveals and not just for art’s sake. It is my aim to communicate with my art transrational luminous forms in order to introduce viewers to their own spiritual worlds.

Monica's Lastest Artwork

Solo exhibition at Encuentros con el Arte, Madrid.

From March 1st to September 1st Mónica’s artworks will be at Inmobiliarias Encuentro, in two different locations in downtown Madrid. The theme chosen is her series ACQUA, which will be shown in public for the first time. Inmobiliarias Encuentro believes in the arts and actively promotes contemporary shows in Spain. More info here >

Art Show at the Chinese Cultural Center Spain

On January 11th, the opening of the exhibition ELLAS took place in Madrid, Spain. Several Chinese and Spanish women artists were invited to interpret the Chinese New Year, imagining it as a new beginning of color and possibilities. Mónica was selected and presented her work, A NEW PERSPECTIVE. The international show can be visited until […]

Lightscapes Series Featured on The Braided Way

Mónica’s series of Lightscapes has been selected by the online magazine The Braided Way, to illustrate the concept of connection and unity. The Braided Way presents a framework to see every faith tradition as a strand, braided into a larger whole of spiritual awareness. This series of Lightscapes aims for a sense of emotional connection […]

Cutting-edge Exhibition at Gaudí’s La Pedrera

Last December, 28th 2022, Mónica participated in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition organized by MADS Gallery at Gaudí’s iconic building La Pedrera, in Barcelona. Artworks were displayed on digital screens in the “GAUDI room” of the legendary Casa Milà. Entering La Pedrera means entering Gaudí’s particular universe, a world full of fantasy and impossible shapes that leaves all […]

Mónica Esgueva Featured in the 8th Toronto Visionary Art Exhibition

We are pleased to share that Mónica has 4 artworks in the 8th Toronto Visionary Art Exhibition, taking place from 10th December 2022 to 7th January 2023. You can access the visual show clicking here:  https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/11131991/international-gallery-8th-toronto-visionary-art-exhibition

Mónica Esgueva featured on the cover of Artist Talk Magazine issue 21

The British magazine Artist Talk Magazine has dedicated the issue 21 to celebrating all aspects of art, and has selected Mónica’s painting CONNECTION to be on the cover. You can also find a 6-pages interview of her on this issue. You can view this issue online here: https://www.artisttalkmagazine.com/magazine https://www.artisttalkmagazine.com/issue-21-online-gallery

Mónica Esgueva Featured on Fleur and Arbor

Mónica has been recently interviewed and featured as a guest artist on Fleur and Arbor. Mónica Esgueva is an internationally exhibited artist, currently based in Madrid, Spain. Her longstanding meditation practice provides inspirational experiences and inner visions that she seeks to share through her artistic practice. You can read the full interview here: http://www.fleurandarbor.com/home/2022/8/15/mnica-esgueva-lightscapes

Monica Esgueva featured on IMAGINE Vol. 2, 5/22

Author of eight books, spiritual teacher who has taught hundreds of people the path to inner peace and self-realization, and visionary artist who currently exhibits her paintings at galleries around the world. Read more on http://imaginezine.com/Monica-Esgueva/

Mónica Esgueva Featured in Weekly Wonder Woman

Mónica has been selected to be the Weekly Wonder Woman by the European organization Women United Art Movement, focused on highlighting the role of women in the arts. Here you can see some of the answers to her interview.

Mónica Esgueva Featured in Art Number23 Athens Gallery

The artwork Mantra of Compassion was chosen for a group show at the Gallery Art Number 23 in Athens (Greece) in July 2022.

Mónica featured on Hello ICON, issue 12 dedicated to Art & Spirituality

Mónica is featured on Hello ICON, issue 12 dedicated to Art & Spirituality. Blessed. This is the one word that best describes how we felt having Monica Esgueva onboard this special edition. It’s always a blessing to discover rare gems who do not only have great talent but think outside the box and choose to […]

Monica Esgueva Featured on Forget Me Not, Issue #3 “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Mónica’s work was featured on the #3 issue of the online magazine Forget Me Not Press. It is an online literary  & arts publication that seek to provide a welcoming space for writers and artists to showcase their work as they continue to develop their careers. This issue is dedicated to GOLD, to those instances […]

Mónica Esgueva is the Featured Artist on – ‘World Famous on ArterNet Art’

Mónica has been recently interviewed and featured as a guest artist on ‘WORLD FAMOUS ON ARTERNET ART’, a site dedicated to the business and practical side on being an artist, giving useful tips and resources to emerging artists all over the world. In this interview, she is asked about her route to becoming an artist, […]

Mónica Esgueva featured in ARTMAGAZINEIUM issue #15, May 2022

Mónica’s work was featured in the magazine ARTMAGAZINEIUM issue #15 in May. Artmagazineium invites readers to create a new utopia with original content and high culture art. Their aim is to bring innovations and successful artists in the field of contemporary art together with art lovers. Artmagazineium showcases a mix of admirable artworks from around the […]

Mónica Esgueva featured at COLLECT ART, spring issue 2022

Mónica was inteviewed and her work was featured in the spring issue #04 of the COLLECT ART  International Magazine. It can be purchased on a digital or print version worldwide. Each creative artist is an inner youngster and prone to childish thinking. The heart of it is a mystical universe, some kind of system, which […]

Monica Esgueva at Palazzo Ducale Genova, Italy, May 2022

From May 27th to June 10, the international exhibition of contemporary art “I AM” took place at the Palazzo Ducale in Genova (Italy). The Show was curated by the reknown Italian curator Loredana Trestin. Among the 9 selected artists for this show was Mónica Esgueva, who presented her painting: A Fresh Perspective.

Mónica Esgueva at “Call of the Wild” – SCORE (Southern California Open Regional Exhibitions), May 1 – 31, 2022

SCORE (Southern California Open Regional Exhibitions) celebrates the artistic relationship with flora and fauna in nature with the Call of the Wild virtual exhibit, on May 1 – 31, 2022. Three of Mónica’s artworks were chosen for this show:

The Purposeful Mayonnaise: Mónica Esgueva Artist Interview

Having lived in London, Paris, Tanzania, and India, Mónica Esgueva is a visionary artist now based in Madrid, Spain. She started exhibiting her paintings when she was very young, and her artwork has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, Holland, Great Britain, France, Costa Rica, Italy and Spain.  “Through my paintings, I want […]

Mónica Esgueva at LibrosArte Gallery “Journey Within” Exhibition, April 2022

April 22nd to May 8th. Madrid, Spain https://www.arteinformado.com/agenda/f/viaje-al-interior-212431

Mónica Esgueva at LibrosArte Gallery Charity Exhibition, April 2022

Mónica is participating in a charity group exhibition at the LibrosArte gallery of Madrid. Several contemporary artists such as Mónica have donated an artwork fo raise funds for the famous Spanish NGO Mensajeros de la Paz of Padre Angel, which helps people without resources around the world. The exhibition opening is on Monday March the […]

Artist Talk Magazine: “Why Visionary Art is important for this world” by Mónica Esgueva

The term ‘Visionary Art’ was coined more than 95 years ago and defined in 1933 by Carl Gustav Jung in his seminal work: Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Visionary art is art that transcends but includes the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness, including expanded modes of knowing the multi-dimensions […]

BoredPanda.com: “I’m A Visionary Artist And I Depict The Cosmos In A Unique Way”

My art is mostly derived from visions I have while in a meditative or contemplative state of mind. My purpose is to transcend the physical world, inspiring the viewer to reach a higher ground and perceive the light that is within us all. As William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything […]

Goddess Arts Magazine: “Art to transcend the physical world” – Visionary Artist Mónica Esgueva

Whether she’s interpreting the Divine Big Bang, or the subtle energy of a single flower with her paintbrush, Mónica Esgueva‘s artwork has a common principle: Helping you find inspiration as you continue on life’s journey.

Trendy Art Ideas: “Oceans as a Way to Freedom” – Exclusive Interview with Visionary Artist Mónica Esgueva

Whether she’s interpreting the Divine Big Bang, or the subtle energy of a single flower with her paintbrush, Mónica Esgueva‘s artwork has a common principle: Helping you find inspiration as you continue on life’s journey.

Monica Esgueva in Art & Palate, Madrid

From March 1 to April 1, you can enjoy the work of Mónica Esgueva at Arte & Paladar, Madrid. An international artist with a lot to offer.  Read the full Article here: https://www.mundoarti.com/magazine/noticia/monica-esgueva-en-arte-paladar-madrid/

Mónica Esgueva at F**K U 2022, M.A.D.S Gallery, Milan & Fuerteventura (Feb 2022)

See more details of F**K U 2022, Milan & Fuerteventura here To break free. To spit. To take your own place into this world. To not care about collective issues, trends, topics of the year, shape, movements.  The artists of M.A.D.S Gallery strip themselves of all the structures, they choose new ones, built by and […]

Mónica Esgueva at BRAIN CAKE at Gaudi Room Casa Mila “La Pedrera”, Barcelona (Dec 2022)

How many ingredients are needed to make a cake? Baking time, the consistency of the dough, the right ingredients, all of which are needed for the final product or perhaps just to satisfy an initial desire. What does the desire to make a cake and the will to do so imply? Conceptually, the cake has […]

Mónica Esgueva at Mombó Art Gallery Spain – Colectiva Emergente IV (Feb. 2022)

Gritty Vibes: “The Worldly Artist Speaks Her Truth” – Exclusive Interview with Visionary Artist Mónica Esgueva

Whether she’s interpreting the Divine Big Bang, or the subtle energy of a single flower with her paintbrush, Mónica Esgueva‘s artwork has a common principle: Helping you find inspiration as you continue on life’s journey.