Acrylic on Canvas

Water is a fluid substance associated with feelings, the subconscious and healing. Somehow, the animals I portray in my aquatic series are prophetic witnesses of the truth and messengers of the timeless. They offer an entrance to a world of freedom and a communion with the viewer, who can also experience that freedom from the ties that bind us here.
By touching our deepest center, they can awaken the healing power of spirit.


Acrylic on Canvas

Transcendence is a uniquely individual experience resulting from an introspective path that leads to a transformative process of the core of who we really are. Today, more than ever, there are openings and portals that allow huge personal growth if we dare to go through them. Those portals are the gates to an expanded state of consciousness, and to the peace and harmony we all aspire to. I constantly visualize those portals in my mind’s eye. So I want to depict them in their multiple shapes and shades to encourage the viewer to go over to the other side.


Acrylic on Canvas

For the sake of ourselves and our world, we must aim high with our artistic vision and intention. Only by doing that, we will contribute to the New Earth. Philosopher Plotinus said: “Just as we cannot talk visual beauty if we are blind, so we cannot discuss spiritual beauty if we have never seen it”.
In this series, I would like the viewer to connect with their true nature, the subtle divine energy that inhabits every sentient being, and the transcendental aspects of life.
May these works offer a medicine to heal the alienation and sickness of the human soul. May they elevate you and put you in touch with the source of wisdom available to all of us.


Acrylic on Canvas

The works of this series invite to self-reflection and reliance on intuition for guidance. By questioning what we perceive with our senses and how we have been taught to look at the external world, we can connect with our inner world, that then interrelate with the whole universe.
By claiming our real place in the web of life, we empower ourselves. By deepening our perception, we are reminded of our unity with spirit and the sublime beauty of nature and the cosmos.

Watercolor Flowers


Flowers are everywhere in creation and their beauty has always captured our imagination. Throughout history artists have used different parts of the natural world to convey various types of symbolism. My watercolors flowers have a dream-like and fantastic aspect, as I use them as colorful bright energy symbols. They put us in touch with what is pure, transparent and divine within ourselves. Therefore, they are not only a vehicle for aesthetic free expression, but also a reminder of what is graceful and splendid in our world.