Acrylic on round canvas



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Samadhi is the highest state of consciousness that a human can reach in life. It is the goal of our spiritual journey on Earth, the blissful return to our Divine origin. I find it very difficult to describe the consciousness of Samadhi, so I prefer to paint the vibration. Can you feel it?

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word for the highest state of consciousness one can achieve through meditation. Having practiced meditation for more than 20 years (and taught Mindfulness for a long time too) has allowed me to experience a lasting peace and inner silence that allows me to connect to the Source from which I get the inspiration to create my artworks.

So how do you depict Samadhi? Through a non-representational painting that allows you to experience the fire, the expansion and the deep emptiness of Unity.


Acrylic / 60 cm.

Dimensions 60 cm