Acrylic on canvas

Life is a Stairway


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Life is a stairway ever pulling up. Many wonderful things await up there. The climb is constant, so many give up along the way. The crucial thing is to never lose sight of the light that is our final destination somewhere in the cosmos.

This painting is extremely complex: when I look at it I feel that I am in the eye of God, guided by his light and wisdom. At the same time I am the eye that observes and protects, it is my eye that penetrates reality and connects me with the deepest part of my being. It is a work that ends up dissolving the dualism between the Creator and the creation, establishing the unity of the whole. A work of the fifth dimension…
– Nausicaa Vaccaro


Acrylic / 60 × 60 cm.

Dimensions 60 × 60 cm