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The dolphins are ascending, as an experience that gives freedom to their soul. Ascension arrives when the soul frees itself from earthly ties and realizes the true joy of life. I wanted to depict an inner rebirth and expansion of the mind, body, and spirit. In other words, the experience of a new being hidden and dwelling within each one of us. An upgrading process that can show a better understanding of ourselves.

This will be one of your masterpieces, those that will always be in the books when you will be talked about as a painter… You can tell that you are transmitting something from above because the words do not explain what it feels like to look at your work… it’s like a meditative ecstasy. You live it and when you come back it seems like a dream…

– Nausicaa Vaccaro

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Acrylic / 60 × 90 cm.

Dimensions 90 × 60 cm