Are people free? Are artists free?

A lot of us spend much of our lives discerning our vocation. We may be creative and imaginative, but society and our families push us towards more lucrative roads that can ensure an easier and more steady livelihood. We are reminded pf possible futures of poverty and despair that always threatens people’s unconscious when an art career is considered.

Many get discouraged by the obstacles and lack of support, and end up diverting from their calling, trying to find financial stability and security, burying their dreams forever. Others keep it as a hobby, something to do once a month once the work schedules allow, the household chores are dealt with and the children are in bed. A few come back to terms with their never forgotten joy that they feel when they create. Some people decide to pursue an art career despite the odds, knowing that they will have to abide by the rules and tastes of the mainstream just to survive in uncertain waters.

In all cases, humanity as a whole loses the core of what it means in real art, the invaluable richness hidden under layers of materialism, endorsements, and compliance.

The reality of it is that our society only approves what does not threaten the premises of what it is based upon. 

Let’s not forget that we are submerged in a Matrix of control. Only that which goes along with the approved beliefs and behavior is allowed. Those considered too independent or subversive are considered dangerous and labelled as persona non grata. Those who had an advanced level of consciousness and wanted to teach others to liberate themselves from the tethers of oppression were always ostracized or persecuted. Freedom and sovereignty threaten the status quo, and the rampant corruption impacts all areas.

The hierarchical system need to be protected at all cost, so thoughts and behaviors can continue to be imposed, whether in a direct or a subtle manner. All trends are carefully designed to tell people what to wear, what to do, and how to think. Movies, TV series, YouTube channels, and social media is filtered, so only propaganda and mid-control features make the cut and can expand. Only that which is low vibrational, negative or damaging is permitted to reach big numbers.

The unsuspecting population believes that they are free. The reality is that they are paid slaves, unable to question anything that is given to them by authorities or by bought out individuals. They are being primed for a timeline where they become living robots in a metaverse they have willingly consented to.

Artists are not immune to this virus. When the survival impulse, the obsession with fame or wealth take over, the individual is prone to take the path of least resistance. That usually means serve the interests of the Powers that be, even if that entails selling your soul.

*Artwork: Let the Storm Go By, by Mónica Esgueva

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