You Cannot Serve Two Masters at the Same Time

Sometimes in the past, I have wondered, why do I even bother to write when hardly any person care about the spiritual topics I write about? Why do I bother to create artworks that so very few can appreciate? I always followed an inner thrust that made me do things even against my better judgement, so to speak.

Now I know why. Words carry energy, both those spoken and written. Just because we cannot see it does not mean that they do not. They create pathways for either the Light or darkness to flow through them. So does art. It is just a tool. Depending on the motivation behind it, it can uplift consciousness or provoke lower emotions. You cannot serve two masters at the same time. It does not matter whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. We are creating our individual reality continuously, as well as contributing to a global reality with our thoughts and intentions that turn into real actions afterwards. 

It is useless to blame others. We are co-responsible for the world we live in. Of course, the system is completely corrupted. We are poisoned by education, food, medicines, chemtrails, media, movies, drinks, airwaves, and so on. Nevertheless, we are powerful beings with freewill, so can transcend it all and liberate ourselves from all the ropes that seemingly chain us to this collective delusion.

Everything has consequences, and we will have to face them at some point. You cannot get away with hell, even if you are deceived to think so. We reap what we saw. This is the rule of this school called Earth. We are free to use the given tools as we please, but if we use them to harm others, we will have to understand that we are only harming ourselves. It might be a tough lesson and a hard pill to swallow, but that is how it works. It is indeed very fair.

Thus, what would be advisable to do to transcend this constraint dual world?

Firstly, know who you really are. Beyond the limiting identifications you have been led to believe such as the body, nation, ethnic, religion, possessions, beliefs, achievements, personal history, etc. Find out about your real nature, the infinite Self that decided to inhabit a body to learn and develop through certain experiences.

And then live your life embodying the virtues of the divine law, the oneness of all existence. Live with reverence and respect for all, including yourself. Practice equanimity and kindness at all times. Remain at peace and centered, irrespective of what others do or the circumstances that show up. Become a master of your emotions and use this incarnation to create a masterpiece out of your life. Only then, you will be free.

  • The End of The World, by Mónica Esgueva

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